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    The Top 4 Countries For Private Jet Operations

    triangle | By Just Aviation Team

    The top quartet of nations recognized for their extensive private jet operations consists of France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. This distinction is founded on several key factors: the frequency of flights, market magnitude, and the excellence of their aviation infrastructure. These countries have established themselves as prime destinations for private aviation, showcasing remarkable numbers of flights alongside robust market sizes, underpinned by top-tier infrastructure and facilities.

    Business Jet Operation In United States

    The United States demonstrated a substantial surge in private aviation, surpassing 1.6 million private jet flights in 2022, marking a 13% growth compared to 2017. Notably, the US boasts the largest business aviation fleet globally, comprising more than 25,000 private jets. This significant fleet size underscores the nation’s dominance in private air travel and its robust aviation infrastructure. The key airports commonly employed for Business Aviation in the USA include:


    • Teterboro Airport (IATA: TEB, ICAO: KTEB)
    • Van Nuys Airport (IATA: VNY, ICAO: KVNY)
    • Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (IATA: OPF, ICAO: KOPF)


    In the USA, flight plans are versatile—file them electronically via the FAA site, phone, radio, or in person at Flight Service Stations. For domestic flights, file at least 30 mins prior, and 60 mins for international ones. Essential flight plan details encompass aircraft ID, type, equipment, departure/destination, route, altitude, time en route, fuel, and onboard count. Note special elements like hazardous materials or emergency services.


    Certain US airports mandate prior permissions or slots, especially during peak times or events. Precise adherence to their procedures and contacts prevents delays or penalties. Charter and experimental flights might need FAA permits or waivers, contingent on type, purpose, and destination. These approvals vary in requirements, lead times, and might involve fees or inspections.

    Business Jet Operation In France

    France emerged as a pivotal hub for business aviation, witnessing an impressive tally of over 122,000 private jet operations in 2022, securing its place as the third-largest market worldwide and the foremost in Europe. Additionally, France stands as the European leader in private jet departures, surpassing other key aviation nations like Germany and the United Kingdom. The primary airports frequently utilized for Business Aviation in France are:


    • Paris Le Bourget Airport (IATA: LBG, IACO: LFPB)
    • Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (IATA: NCE, ICAO: LFMN)
    • Lyon Bron Airport (IATA: LYN, ICAO: LFLY)


    Flight planning in France demands attention to format nuances and lead time to avert delays. Utilize 3rd-party providers and local handlers to navigate procedural requirements, especially concerning slots and airport delays. File flight plans through Eurocontrol on airways, submitting at least 3 hours pre-departure for optimal traffic planning. Ensure PPR and slot numbers are noted, including the destination handler in remarks 18 for ATC guidance.


    For slot-required airports like Nice or Cannes, note slot approvals in the plan filed via SITA, with VHF preferred for ATC and phones for ground operations. Charter flights and experimental aircraft operations require permits, necessitating specific documentation like registration, insurance, and airworthiness. Non-EU operators need permits, adhering to a two-day lead time, submitting all documents together. EU-registered small aircraft may bypass permits based on criteria. However, international legs follow permit procedures akin to non-EU aircraft.

    Business Jet Operation In United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom substantiated its presence in private aviation with nearly 100,000 private jet operations in 2022, securing the fifth spot globally and third in Europe. Moreover, the UK hosts a significant business aviation fleet of over 900 private jets, contributing significantly to Europe’s private aviation infrastructure.


    • Heathrow Airport (IATA: LHR, ICAO: EGLL)
    • Gatwick Airport (IATA: LGW, ICAO: EGKK)
    • London Stansted Airport (IATA: STN, ICAO: EGSS)


    In the United Kingdom, non-EU charter flights require landing permits managed by the UK CAA. Understanding lead times is crucial; permits typically need three business days with correct documentation. Short-notice requests might be possible during office hours. Permits last 48 hours; revisions are needed for schedule changes. Tech stops without passenger changes don’t require permits.


    Business Jet Operation In Brazil

    Brazil showcased a burgeoning private aviation market by registering over 77,000 private jet flights in 2022, positioning itself as the sixth-largest market globally and the premier market in South America. Notably, Brazil boasts the second-largest business aviation fleet worldwide, boasting more than 4,000 private jets, indicative of the nation’s prominence in the global private air travel sector.


    • São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport (IATA: GRU, ICAO: SBGR)
    • Brasília International Airport (IATA: BSB, ICAO: SBBR)
    • Viracopos International Airport (IATA: VCP, ICAO: SBKP)


    To obtain a domestic landing permit in Brazil, submit standard aircraft, passenger, and crew details, including certificates, licenses, and insurance. Notify Brazil’s CAA 48 hours in advance. Permits are valid around your ETA, cleared after customs, lasting up to 60 days, adjustable with a 15-day notice. For a tech stop in Brazil, notify CAA with specific details; no permit is necessary, but deviation is allowed within a 24-hour window of ETA.


    Overflight permits are newly required for Brazilian airspace entry. Similar notification applies, without a permit number, and a 24-hour deviation around ETA. No distinction exists between private and charter flights for permit requirements. Confirm details with a 3rd-party provider due to potential changes.


    Local regulations involve CAA processing permits and customs validating them after clearance. Extensions for non-Brazilian aircraft permit validity might be needed. Cabotage doesn’t affect private or charter flights; it pertains only to scheduled commercial ones. PPRs are for aircraft parking purposes at specific airports, requiring early requests due to limited space. Currently mandated at certain locations, like Vitoria and Guarulhos.

    Premier Private Jet Ground Handling Operations In Top 4 Aviation Hubs

    The leading four countries boast the world’s largest private jet ground handling markets, supported by robust infrastructure encompassing airports, FBOs (Fixed Base Operators), and ground handling services tailored for diverse aircraft types and sizes. Among the standard ground handling offerings in these nations:


    • Aircraft marshaling and turnaround services involve parking, securing, and essential tasks like fueling, deicing, cleaning, catering loading, passenger boarding bridge setup, baggage screening, and customs clearance using various equipment and methods.
    • Aircraft fueling is facilitated by numerous aviation fuel suppliers, ensuring competitive pricing and quality service while supplying AVGAS or Jet A, Jet A-1 through pumps or hoses.
    • Maintenance and safety checks adhere to strict aviation safety regulations, focusing on inspections and repairs for components like engines, landing gear, tires, and more, following rigorous standards set for ground handling providers.
    • Passenger services extend to VIP lounge access, meet and greet services, check-in assistance, and boarding support, enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers.


    Embark on an elevated aviation journey with Just Aviation, where our dedication ensures unparalleled professionalism in ground and aircraft handling. Contact us at [email protected] for expert management of your flight operations and ground handling needs in top countries, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and seamless operations.


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