Obtain Your Flight Permits on Time

Just Aviation’s 24/7 dedicated permit operation team provides airlines and flight operators with a tailor-made service on short notice by obtaining all types of flight permissions, including Overflight Permits, Landing Permits, Diplomatic Flight Permits, and Special Flight Permits, for private and commercial operators, cargo, ferry, and delivery flights, as well as relief and emergency operations.

Flight Permits

Due to our extensive network of contacts within the world’s civil aviation authorities, we are able to process your
permit applications quickly and easily in accordance with all applicable and up-to-date requirements.



Why Choose Just Aviation Flight Permit Services?

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience required to manage the entire process on your behalf, from preparing and applying for a permit on your behalf to coordinating with Civil Aviation Authorities “CAA” and resolving any potential issues.

Flight permit services typically offer a range of benefits, including:

Overflight Permits

Overflight Permits

With the help of our dedicated permits team, you can make sure that your flight meets all of the local authorities’ requirements at fixed costs that can change based not only on the country you want to fly over but also on the reason for your flight. When you ask for an overflight permit, you usually have to give the following information:

Landing Permits-slots

Landing Permits & Slots Arrangement

Filling landing permits and slot applications is handled by Just Aviation once the operations team has received all aircraft important. as well as a complete crew and passenger manifest to issue landing permits on time and with short notice.

The devoted team at Just Aviation will manage your slot arrangement and landing permit applications, so you won’t have to spend any time considering the application’s language.

landing permits
Monthly, Seasonal Block Permits

Monthly, Seasonal Block Permits

If your aircraft operates hundreds of legs daily per season or a certain number of legs per month, then we are pleased to inform you that Just Aviation’s highly qualified operations team guarantees to obtain Monthly, Seasonal Block Overflight Permits on short notice by coordinating with the countries CAAs once they have a full list of the airline’s information, Aircraft important documents, and licenses. In this instance, our team will do what needs to be done to apply for block permission in a timely manner.


A flight permit is a document issued by aviation authorities that allows an aircraft to fly in particular airspace or to land at a specific airport. It is necessary to ensure that the flight is legal and compliant with regulations.

There are several types of flight permits, including landing permits, overflight permits, scheduled flight permits, and block permits.

The application process for a flight permit can vary depending on the country and type of permit. It typically involves submitting an application that includes details such as the aircraft type, registration, purpose of the flight, and the airports of origin and destination.

The time it takes to obtain a flight permit can vary depending on the country and type of permit. It may take a few days or it may take a few weeks.

Yes, there are professional services available that can handle the entire process of applying for and securing flight permits on behalf of aircraft owners and operators. These services can save time and ensure compliance with regulations and requirements.

Flying without a required flight permit can result in fines, penalties, or even the grounding of the aircraft. It is essential to ensure that all necessary flight permits are obtained before flying.


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