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When it comes to aircraft refueling, we provide tailor-made, high-quality fuel through a network of aviation fuel suppliers that adheres to industry regulations and standards. Before refueling your aircraft, we source our premium fuel from reputable suppliers and rigorously test it for quality and purity.

Our defueling service is equally essential to the safe and efficient operation of your aircraft as our fueling service. Just Aviation’s team of seasoned professionals utilizes industry-leading equipment and adheres to established procedures to remove excess fuel from your aircraft safely and efficiently. In addition, we place sustainable solutions to reduce carbon emissions and operational impact on the environment.

We offer fuel in International and domestic airports for commercial, cargo, government flights, and private jets with our team of professionals receives regular training to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the latest industry specification requirements for fueling and refueling.

Fuel Types

Fuel Types

Why Just Aviation for Your Aircraft Fuel?


Aviation Fuel Types

Jet fuel plays a crucial role in the reliability and effectiveness of the aviation industry. Just Aviation has strict quality and purity criteria that must be met for aircraft engines to operate at peak efficiency and dependability.


Small aircraft, light helicopters, and vintage piston-engine aircraft utilize Avgas (aviation petroleum). Although it is available in numerous grades, its octane rating is greater than that of “regular” petro

Jet A1

Jet A1 is a type of aviation fuel that is commonly used in commercial aviation around the world. It
is a kerosene-based fuel that meets international specifications such as ASTM D1655 and DEF STAN 91-91. Jet A1 is a high-quality, clean-burning fuel that is designed to meet the needs of modern commercial and government jet aircraft

Jet A

Jet A is a type of aviation fuel that is similar to Jet A1 but has slightly different specifications. It is a
kerosene-based fuel that is commonly used in the United States and Canada for commercial aviation

Jet B

Jet B is a type of aviation fuel that is a blend of kerosene and gasoline. It is primarily used in cold weather conditions, as it has a lower freezing point than other types of jet fuel.


JP-8 is a type of aviation fuel that is commonly used by the United States for aircraft operations, particularly for the US Air Force. It is a kerosene-based fuel that meets the MIL-DTL-83133 specification.


SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) is a term used to describe a range of sustainable aviation fuels that are designed to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions and minimize environmental impact. SAFs are typically made from renewable or
sustainable sources, such as biomass, waste
materials, or non-food crops.


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fuel rates

Local Procurement Strategy for Cost-Effective Aviation Fuel Rates

Our preferred method of sourcing is from regional aviation fuel suppliers. To provide the best value to our customers, we refrain from making purchases from resellers and foreign manufacturers. To ensure that our customers always receive the most affordable aviation fuel possible, we have established contractual relationships with multiple suppliers in each market. Because of this method and the large amount of gasoline we purchase annually, we can provide jet fuel at competitive prices. This is true whether paying in hard currency, electronically, or via a local FBO or ground handler.


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