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Enhancing for Sustainable Aviation Solutions with Just Aviation

Just Aviation specializes in sustainable ground handling, efficient fuel utilization, and optimized route planning, alongside emphasis on access to Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs). Partner with us to pioneer comprehensive sustainability in flight operations.

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How Just Aviation Supports Your Flight Sustainability Goals?

At Just Aviation, we’re committed to streamlining your operations through sustainable extensive ground support and aircraft handling services. Our facilitation encompasses:

Enhanced Carbon Reduction Strategies

Just Aviation offers a variety of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) options like HEFA, FT-SPK, ATJ, BtL, and PtL. These reduce CO2 emissions by 80%, seamlessly integrate with aircraft systems, and support the industry’s net-zero carbon goal by 2050 while enhancing local air quality by curbing harmful pollutants.

Flight Booking & Revenue (Claim) Management

Just Aviation’s Flight Booking and Revenue Management (FBRM) system employs advanced load forecasting algorithms and optimization modules. Through Revenue Management Systems (RMS) and Flight Operations Systems (FOS), we dynamically adjust seat inventory and pricing. Integrating Flight Management Systems (FMS) data enables emission-sensitive pricing strategies, optimizing flight plans for fuel efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Ground Handling Practices

Just Aviation offers electric Ground Support Equipment (e-GSE) with alternative power sources to cut emissions. Our Ground Deicing Procedures (GDP) minimize environmental impact with eco-friendly agents. We utilize Advanced Ground Handling Systems (AGHS) and optimized taxiing to reduce fuel consumption and emissions during ground operations.

Fuel-Efficient Route Planning

Just Aviation’s low emission flight planning, combines Performance-based Navigation (PBN) and Continuous Descent Approaches (CDA) to optimize fuel-efficient flight paths. We integrate Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) data, considering weather and airspace constraints for optimal routes. Our use of Computerized Airspace Management Systems (CAMS) refines flight profiles, curbing fuel burn and emissions throughout ascent, cruise, and descent.

Just Aviation Fulfills All Your Sustainable Aviation Solution Needs, Including:

As a part of our comprehensive Sustainable Aviation Solutions, Just Aviation prioritizes safety in flight operations. With our team of flight operation and route planners, we guarantee safe departures for aircraft operating the optimum route. We offer continuous monitoring, 24/7 coverage, and support within Very High-Frequency Radio range. Our services include:

Enhanced pre-flight software & route optimization

Real-time monitoring of flight progress

Collaborative assistance for pilots, cabin crews, and ground-handling teams


SAFs, alternative to jet fuel, cut CO2 emissions by up to 80% based on feedstock and production. They reduce noise, enhance air quality, and improve energy security, including biofuels, synthetic fuels, hydrogen, and electricity.

PBN defines performance standards for aircraft navigation, enabling direct routes, fuel savings, and optimized flight profiles like continuous descent approaches (CDA), lowering noise and fuel use.

Alternative energy-based GSE replaces traditional engines with electric or hybrid systems fueled by renewable sources, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing safety.

DAC systems extract CO2 from the air using chemical processes, potentially balancing hard-to-control emissions like long-distance transport, handling legacy emissions, and aiding in carbon neutrality.

FOS and FMS optimize flight factors—routes, profiles, weather, fuel usage—enabling informed decisions for fuel-efficient operations and reduced environmental impact.

AHMS, via onboard sensors, predict failures, optimize maintenance schedules, and reduce maintenance costs, disruptions, and unscheduled repairs.

AGHS driven by alternative energy reduces emissions, boosts operational efficiency, cuts maintenance costs, and enhances safety.


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