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    Cessna Citation Longitude Business Jet Operations

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    Welcome to Just Aviation, where we redefine the art of flying through our unwavering commitment to excellence and the epitome of luxury aviation, the Cessna Citation Longitude. As a trailblazer in aviation services, Just Aviation takes you beyond the ordinary, offering an experience that is as exceptional as the aircraft that graces our fleet.

    The Cessna Citation Longitude is a long-range business jet that blends cutting-edge technology with unrivaled performance and luxury. Additionally, Cessna Citation Longitude range offerings to streamline operations and enhance the travel experience. These services include efficient ground handling, which ensures seamless arrival and departure Cessna Citation Longitude procedures at airports worldwide. From permits and clearances to fueling coordination and catering arrangements, meticulous attention is given to every detail to facilitate smooth and hassle-free journeys.

    Overview of Cessna Citation Longitude Operations

    The Cessna Citation Longitude performance figures that underscore its capabilities in the aviation industry. With a maximum Cessna Citation Longitude speed of around 483 knots (894 km/h), it ensures efficient and swift travel for its passengers. Cessna Citation Longitude range extends up to 3,500 nautical miles (6,482 km) when carrying four passengers, enabling it to connect distant locations with ease. Operating at an impressive altitude of up to 45,000 feet (13,716 meters), the Longitude can navigate through various airspace efficiently.


    When it comes to takeoff and landing, the aircraft’s specifications are equally noteworthy. The takeoff distance spans approximately 4,700 feet (1,432 meters), allowing for departure from airports with shorter runways. Upon arrival, the Longitude requires just about 2,650 feet (808 meters) to come to a stop, enhancing its flexibility in accessing airports with varying infrastructure.


    Powering the Cessna Citation Longitude are Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines, each capable of producing an approximate thrust of 7,665 pounds. These engines provide the aircraft with the necessary power for optimal Cessna Citation Longitude performance during all phases of flight. The fuel system of the Longitude accommodates approximately 13,650 pounds (6,192 kg) of fuel, and its fuel burn rate hovers around 2,100 pounds per hour per engine during cruise, ensuring efficient fuel consumption for longer journeys.


    The avionics suite of the Cessna Citation Longitude is centered around the advanced Garmin G5000 integrated flight deck. Equipped with four 14-inch high-resolution touchscreen displays, the cockpit offers pilots a comprehensive view of critical flight information. The suite also incorporates an Enhanced Vision System (EVS), enhancing visibility during challenging weather conditions and low-visibility scenarios.


    Inside the cabin, the Longitude offers a spacious environment for passengers. With a cabin length of approximately 25.2 feet (7.68 meters), width of 6.0 feet (1.83 meters), and height of 6.0 feet (1.83 meters), the cabin provides comfort and luxury. It can accommodate up to 12 passengers, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable flight experience.


    The aircraft’s weights play a crucial role in its operations. The maximum takeoff weight stands at approximately 39,500 pounds (17,917 kg), providing the Longitude with the capacity to carry passengers, baggage, and fuel efficiently. The maximum landing weight is approximately 34,700 pounds (15,725 kg), while the maximum zero fuel weight is around 30,800 pounds (13,971 kg).


    In terms of safety and systems, the Cessna Citation Longitude procedures incorporate various features to enhance the overall travel experience. The Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) contributes to runway safety by providing timely alerts to pilots during taxi, takeoff, and landing. Moreover, the Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) ensures improved visibility during smoke-related emergencies, enhancing the safety of both passengers and crew members.

    How To Operate A Cessna Citation Longitude – Cessna Citation Longitude Checklist

    Availability of amenities might vary based on the specific configuration and customization of each Cessna Citation Longitude aircraft, as well as the preferences of the aircraft owner or operator.

    Cabin Management System (CMS)

    • Advanced cabin management system for centralized control of lighting, temperature, and entertainment.
    • Touchscreen interfaces at each seat to customize lighting, window shades, and temperature.
    • Integration with personal devices to control entertainment options and cabin settings.

    Satellite Communications

    • Satcom system enabling global communication via voice and data.
    • Onboard internet connectivity for business communications, video conferencing, and browsing.
    • Direct dial satellite phone capabilities for in-flight communications.


    Full-Spectrum Lighting

    • Dynamic LED lighting system with customizable colors and intensity.
    • Circadian lighting patterns to mitigate jet lag and enhance passenger well-being.
    • Ambient lighting modes for relaxation, work, or sleep.

    Executive Seating

    • Fully adjustable, ergonomic executive seats with intuitive controls.
    • Built-in massage and seat heating features for passenger comfort.
    • Integrated power outlets and USB charging ports in armrests.

    Fold-Out Worktables

    • Sturdy, fold-out work tables with ample space for laptops and documents.
    • Integrated charging ports for laptops and devices.
    • Dedicated work lighting for focused tasks.

    Private Lavatory

    • Luxurious lavatory with modern design and high-quality finishes.
    • Touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and waste disposal for hygiene.
    • Vanity mirror and ample space for personal grooming.

    Galley and Refreshment Center

    • Spacious galley equipped with microwave, oven, and refrigeration units.
    • Customizable catering options tailored to passenger preferences.
    • Dedicated space for preparing and serving refreshments.

    Entertainment Systems

    • High-definition displays with touchscreen interfaces at each seat.
    • Noise-canceling headphones for immersive audio experiences.
    • Selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games on demand.

    Air Quality Systems

    • Advanced cabin air purification systems with HEPA filters.
    • Controlled cabin pressurization for enhanced passenger comfort.
    • Cabin humidification systems to mitigate the effects of dry air during flight.

    Window Shades and Views

    • Electrically adjustable window shades for individual control.
    • Oversized windows provide panoramic views and natural light.
    • Electrochromic window technology for adjustable tinting and glare reduction.

    Crew Services

    • Dedicated crew rest area with sleeping accommodations.
    • Galley area equipped with crew-specific amenities.
    • Intercom systems for seamless communication between the cockpit and cabin.


    Please note that the availability of these amenities may vary based on the specific configuration and customization of each Cessna Citation Longitude aircraft. These amenities are designed to enhance passenger comfort, productivity, and overall experience during the flight.

    Connecting Continents with Precision

    The Cessna Citation Longitude transcends boundaries and bridges continents, carving pathways that were once solely the realm of commercial aviation. With its speed, endurance, and adaptability, it offers a new chapter in international travel. Whether spanning oceans or uniting cultures, the Longitude transforms distance into connection, painting a tapestry of possibilities across the global aviation landscape.

    New York to London: Transatlantic Speed

    Departing from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the Longitude takes flight with its maximum cruise speed of approximately 483 knots (894 km/h). As you traverse the Atlantic Ocean, the Longitude accelerates the journey, covering the distance to London’s Heathrow Airport in just over 6 hours. This remarkable speed redefines transatlantic travel, making it possible to conduct business on opposite shores in a single day.

    Dubai to Paris: Shortening Distances

    Imagine departing from Dubai International Airport, a hub of international connections. With a non-stop range of up to 3,500 nautical miles (6,482 km), the Longitude defies geographical constraints, bridging the gap between Dubai and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in about 7 hours. This impressive range shortens distances, allowing you to traverse cultures and time zones with unprecedented ease.

    Sydney to Singapore: Seamless Pacific Crossing

    From Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport to Singapore Changi Airport, the Longitude demonstrates its endurance. Covering approximately 3,400 nautical miles (6,297 km) in around 8 hours, this flight showcases the aircraft’s ability to seamlessly traverse the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It transforms what was once an arduous journey into a time-efficient connection between the Asia-Pacific regions.


    São Paulo to Miami: Swift Pan-American Connection

    Departing from São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport, the Longitude ascends to an altitude of up to 45,000 feet (13,716 meters). In just over 8 hours, it effortlessly links the vibrant city of São Paulo with the bustling shores of Miami International Airport. The Longitude’s speed and efficiency redefine the intercontinental journey, transforming it into a time-efficient pan-American odyssey.

    Tokyo to Beijing: Expeditious Asian Voyage

    From Tokyo Haneda Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport, the Longitude showcases its ability to optimize short-haul intercontinental routes. With a takeoff distance of approximately 4,700 feet (1,432 meters), it departs Tokyo efficiently. As it touches down in Beijing after around 3 hours, covering about 1,200 nautical miles (2,222 km), it reflects the Longitude’s proficiency in minimizing travel time across the vast Asian continent.


    Just Aviation’s partnership with the Cessna Citation Longitude is a symphony of innovation. From its advanced avionics to its meticulously designed cabin, every element is orchestrated to perfection. Our dedication to providing you with a seamless, comfortable, and unforgettable journey is evident in every aspect of the aircraft.


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