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    Which Private Jets Can Land On Unpaved Runways?

    triangle | By Just Aviation Team

    Private jets are known for their convenience, comfort, and speed. They offer a fast and reliable way to travel from one destination to another, avoiding the hassle of long airport lines and security checks. However, not all private jets are equally suited for landing on unpaved runways. These are runways that are made of grass, dirt, gravel, or other natural materials, and are often found in remote or rural areas where conventional airports may not be available.


    Landing on unpaved runways can have several advantages for private jet travelers. For one thing, it can save time and money by reducing the need for ground transportation or taxiing to a nearby airport. It can also provide access to unique and less-visited destinations that may not have paved runways or regular flights. Moreover, it can offer a more adventurous and scenic experience by flying over natural landscapes and enjoying the thrill of landing on a challenging surface. Therefore, choosing a private jet that can land on unpaved runways is an important decision for travelers who want to explore remote or rural areas with their aircraft.

    Pilatus PC-24: Setting the Benchmark in Versatile Performance

    The Pilatus PC-24 is a versatile business jet that was designed specifically for landing on unpaved runways. It is the world’s first business jet with this capability, offering a unique blend of luxury and functionality. The PC-24 has a large cargo door that allows easy loading and unloading of luggage or equipment. It also has a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to six passengers in comfort. The PC-24 has a range of 2,000 nautical miles (2,400 miles) with two engines, making it ideal for long-haul flights across continents.


    The PC-24 has several features that make it suitable for landing on unpaved runways. First of all, it has reinforced landing gear that can withstand rough terrain without damage. Second, it has specialized tires that have high traction and durability in various conditions. Third, it has advanced avionics systems that provide navigation and communication assistance in case of emergencies. Fourth, it has an optional service bulletin compliance kit (SBCK) that allows the aircraft to operate on select unpaved runways without modifications.


    The PC-24 is currently available for charter through various operators around the world. It is also used by some humanitarian organizations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia for medical evacuation missions.

    Dassault Falcon 20: Exemplary Precision and Aviation Legacy

    The Dassault Falcon 20 is another business jet that can land on unpaved runways thanks to its SBCK option. It is an upgraded version of the Falcon 20i, which was introduced in 2017 as part of Dassault’s Next Generation Falcon family. The Falcon 20i is based on the Falcon 2000, which was launched in 2000 as one of the most popular business jets in its class at the time.

    The Falcon 20i shares many features with its predecessor, such as its twin-engine configuration, its high-speed cruise performance, its spacious cabin, its advanced avionics systems, and its low operating costs. However, it also offers some improvements, such as its increased range (2,500 nautical miles), its enhanced fuel efficiency (up to 25 percent), its reduced noise levels (down to 75 decibels), and its improved safety standards (such as having an automatic emergency return system).

    Like other business jets on this list, the Falcon 20i can operate from short fields, grass strips, gravel roads, or even shallow water. However, unlike other business jets on this list, the Falcon 20i does not require any modifications to achieve this capability. Instead, it relies on its SBCK option, which allows it to comply with certain service bulletins issued by Dassault. These service bulletins provide guidance on how to safely land on unpaved runways using specific procedures. The Falcon 20i is currently available through various operators around the world. It is also used by some government agencies, such as military or diplomatic aircraft.

    Cessna Grand Caravan EX: Pinnacle of Reliability and Utility in Aviation

    The Cessna Grand Caravan EX is a turboprop aircraft that can land on unpaved runways with ease. It is a variant of the Cessna Caravan, which was introduced in 1984 as a utility aircraft for various purposes. The Grand Caravan EX was launched in 2012 as an improved version of the Caravan, offering more power, more payload, and more range.

    The Grand Caravan EX has a single-engine configuration that delivers 867 horsepower. It can carry up to 14 passengers or 3,692 pounds of cargo. It has a range of 964 nautical miles (1,109 miles) with a full load. It also has a high-wing design that provides stability and visibility in flight.

    The Grand Caravan EX is well-equipped for landing on unpaved runways. It has rugged landing gear that can handle rough surfaces without damage. It also has a large propeller that can reverse thrust and brake quickly on short fields. Moreover, it has a Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite that provides situational awareness and guidance in challenging environments.

    The Grand Caravan EX is currently available through various operators around the world. It is also used by some humanitarian organizations, such as the Mission Aviation Fellowship, for delivering aid and relief to remote areas.

    Landing on unpaved runways can be a great option for private jet travelers who want to explore new and exciting destinations. However, not all private jets are capable of doing so. Therefore, it is important to choose a private jet that has the right features and equipment for landing on unconventional runways. Most common executive aircraft that can land on unpaved runways, such as the Pilatus PC-24, the Dassault Falcon 20i, and the Cessna Grand Caravan EX. These aircraft offer a combination of luxury, performance, and versatility that make them ideal for landing on grass, dirt, gravel, or other natural surfaces.

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