Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN) : Efficient Ground Handling Services for Business Flights

At Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN), Just Aviation elevates business flight operations to extraordinary levels, providing a comprehensive range of ground handling services. Our meticulous management of aircraft, ramp handling, and aviation ground services creates a pattern of unmatched accuracy and quality. XMN serves as an exclusive hub for business aviation, where every trip progresses smoothly, allowing travelers to fully commit themselves to their corporate goals.

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    Just Aviation Revamps Air Travel Efficiency with Superb Ground Handling Services at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN)

    At Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN), Just Aviation’s innovative ground handling services guarantee seamless aviation operations and strict adherence to international safety standards. XMN’s precision in baggage handling and aircraft ground movement, complemented by cutting-edge cargo logistics and top-tier maintenance facilities, solidifies its position as a leader in technological excellence within the aviation landscape.


    Excelling in the Art of Procuring Ground Handling Technology

    XMN is the icon of aviation support, providing all GSEs for effective ground operations.


    Artfully Constructed Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) Residences

    XMN Airport operates efficiently with skilled ground handling agents, ensuring essential services such as fueling, parking, and security are managed with precision and care.


    Preservation of Aircraft Inspection Records for Ground Operations Logging

    Achieving accurate documentation of ground handling activities, covering responsibilities such as baggage management, security assessments, and maintenance tasks, requires meticulous adherence to SOPs, compliance with TSA regulations, and meeting the specified criteria in the AHM.


    Introducing Cutting-edge Solutions for Slot Allocation Governance

    XMN Airport maintains strict compliance with the IATA, FAA, ACI, and WWACG Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) standards, developed collaboratively by Global Member airlines and airport coordinators. Slot requests are conveyed through the Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) message or the Online Coordination System (OCS). Associated fees encompass a landing fee based on the aircraft's weight and a handling fee determined by the range of services provided.


    Extending Skillful Support Customized for Systematic Ice Regulation and Proactive Anti-Icing Measures

    Implementing structured and systematic deicing and anti-icing fluids (e.g., Type II, Type IV) on aircraft exteriors, precisely conforming to rigorous operational guidelines.


    State-of-the-art Methods for Enhancing Aircraft Equilibrium

    The precise functioning of advanced aircraft balance systems relies on strict adherence to regulations such as ICAO Annex 6, Manufacturer’s Technical Documents, and FAA-H-8083-1B, ensuring accurate weight distribution as stipulated in Aircraft Weight and Balance Manuals, FAA Advisory Circulars, and engineering standards.


    Showcasing Mastery in Baggage Handling via Strategic Planning of Cargo Operations

    Nurturing a seamless luggage flow involves steadfast adherence to IATA's Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM) and Resolution 753. Tailored cargo service manuals ensure precise administration of cargo and baggage, refining operational flow within flight operations to align with regulatory standards.


    Spearheading Initiatives to Strengthen the Resilience of Aviation Fuel Supply Networks

    Ensuring the continual availability of Jet A/A-1 and Avgas fuels, supporting uninterrupted and seamless aircraft refueling services essential for diverse aviation operations and operational scenarios.


    Cultivating Expertise in Aircraft Navigation Optimization

    Exhibiting finesse in coordinating aircraft motions and strategic placements, achieving precise alignment, optimizing taxiing efficiency, and fully exploiting apron space, all in accordance with the delineations of AOM, Aerodrome standards, and A-SMGCS directives.


    Exercising Exceptional Precision in Safeguarding Business Aviation Ramp Handling

    Achieving optimization of safety strategies, including apron management protocols, entails harmonizing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions with Integrated Safety Management Systems (ISMS).


    Expert Calibration in Implementing Slot Allocation Strategies

    Initiating a forward-looking initiative to efficiently oversee and synchronize intricate ground handling procedures, diligently adhering to the guidelines delineated in the IATA Ground Operations Manual, FAA Ground Service Directives, and ICAO Ground Handling Protocols.


    Administering Aircraft Lavatory Systems with Precision in Water Service Management

    Efficiently managing the dispensing of potable water in aircraft lavatories while strictly adhering to hygiene protocols.


    Crafting a Journey with Meticulous Precision, Harmonizing Efficiency and Passenger Comfort seamlessly

    Leading the forefront in shaping efficient travel through the incorporation of polished procedures for baggage check, boarding, and passenger disembarkation.

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    You can trust Just Aviation to take care of your needs. We have a global network of FBOs and associates that covers any destination you choose, including Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN). Just contact us at [email protected], and our skilled team will assist you with everything. We have the knowledge and the tools to make your operation seamless and trouble-free at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN). We aim to provide the best ground handling services that suit your specific needs.

    Kindly check with us for any airport updates or existing NOTAMS that may affect your future flights. We would love to hear from you


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