Seamless Approvals for Business Aircraft Overflight and Landings at Vietnam International Airports

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    Overflight Permits in Vietnam’s International Operations

    When planning business aviation operations in Vietnam, obtaining overflight permits is a crucial step. It is essential to engage a reliable ground handling agent, as Vietnam lacks experienced and English-speaking General Aviation (GA) handlers. This is especially important when operating to smaller secondary airports where the supervision of services may be inadequate, potentially causing delays. Popular GA destinations within Vietnam include Tan Son Nhat Intl (VVTS), Ho Chi Minh City, and Ha Noi (VVNB), among others, which are Airports of Entry (AOEs). While domestic flight operations generally face no restrictions, certain local airports may have operational approvals required. Vietnam does not mandate airport slots or Prior Permission Required (PPR), and Stage 2 aircraft operations are still allowed. However, be aware of ADS-B requirements, and consider permit lead times as they usually take around four business days to process.

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    Landing Permits in Vietnam’s International Operations

    Securing landing permits for business aviation operations in Vietnam requires careful planning. Engaging a dependable ground handling agent is crucial due to the limited availability of experienced handlers in the region, especially in secondary airports. Major GA destinations in Vietnam include Tan Son Nhat Intl (VVTS), Ha Noi (VVNB), Danang (VVDN), Cam Ranh (VVCR), and Hue (VVPB), all of which are Airports of Entry (AOEs). While there are no significant restrictions on domestic flight operations, some local airports may require operational approvals. Notably, Vietnam does not enforce airport slots or Prior Permission Required (PPR) requirements, and Stage 2 aircraft operations are still permitted. However, be mindful of ADS-B requirements. Regarding permit lead times, it typically takes four business days for landing permits. Expedited requests are possible, but the discretion of the Civil Aviation Administration Vietnam (CAAV) applies. Permits are valid for +72 hours, and any revisions require 24-48 hours’ notice.

    How to secure flight permits in Vietnam?

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    The working hours for Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority for overflight permit processing are from 0130Z to 0930Z, Monday to Friday.

    No, the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority observes weekends on Saturday and Sunday.

    To obtain a Vietnam overflight permit, you need to provide a complete flight schedule, entry and exit points along with the complete route within Vietnam FIR, all passenger details, consignee and consignor details (for cargo flights), and ensure that aircraft above 15,000 kg are equipped with TCAS and ACAS.

    No, according to the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority, there are no CAA processing fees applied for the issuance of Vietnam overflight permits.

    A Vietnam overflight permit is valid for +72 hours from the initially requested schedule.

    The Vietnam CAA will issue the air navigation bill directly to the airline/operator. In rare cases, the CAA may issue the navigation bill to the company that submitted the overflight permit request.

    The issued overflight permit number must be inserted in Item 18 of your submitted flight plan.

    Vietnam’s airspace currently has two Flight Information Regions (FIRs) with ICAO codes “VVHM” and “VVHN.”

    The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) is the issuing authority for Vietnam overflight permits, and their postal address is: Civil Aviation Administration, Gialam Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam.


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