Seamless Approvals for Business Aviation Overflight and Landing at Vatican City International Airports

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    Overflight and Landing Permits in Vatican City’s International Operations

    When it comes to flying over Vatican City, there are specific regulations and considerations that pilots must be aware of. While it is legal to fly above Vatican City, there are altitude restrictions depending on the type of flight you are conducting. If you are flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), you must maintain an altitude of not less than 2500 feet above ground level. For VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights, the minimum altitude requirement is 3500 feet above ground level. It’s important to note that there are prohibited areas established over Rome for various reasons. Prohibited area 212, though often associated with Vatican City, is actually in place to protect the Regina caeli prison and is not directly above the Vatican.

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    However, there is a specific prohibited area, designated as P243, which covers Vatican City itself. Within this restricted airspace, IFR traffic is prohibited from operating below 2500 feet, and VFR traffic is not allowed to fly below 3500 feet. The AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) notes that these restrictions are imposed for security and safety reasons. While the AIP does not explicitly mention the procedure for obtaining permission to fly into this restricted area, it is presumed that special permissions may be granted in exceptional cases, such as for access to the Vatican City Heliport.

    Notably, there are no altitude restrictions for flights operating above 3500 feet over Vatican City. In fact, there is an airway (L5) that passes almost directly above the Vatican City, marked as a black line on aviation maps. This airway has a standard lower limit of FL95 (Flight Level 95), which corresponds to 9500 feet above sea level. This altitude restriction is normal for an airway, whether it passes over Vatican City or not. Therefore, IFR traffic routinely flies directly above Vatican City, albeit at higher altitudes, without violating any restrictions.

    How to secure flight permits in Vatican ?

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