Facilitate a Streamlined Process for Business Flight Operations with Overflight and Landing Permits at Tajikistan International Airports

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    Overflight Permits in Tajikistan’s International Operations

    Securing Overflight Permits for Tajikistan involves a meticulous application process. Aircraft owners or operators, adhering to bilateral or multilateral Air Service Agreements, must submit applications at least 48 working hours before departure. Flight planning within Tajikistan’s airspace is detailed in the Tajikistan AIP. A filed flight plan (FPL) should be submitted not earlier than 120 hours before the estimated time of departure and not later than 3 hours before departure. Changes to the flight plan or delays in departure beyond 30 minutes must be communicated promptly through appropriate messages. The information in the flight plan includes details like aircraft identification, number and type of aircraft, equipment and capabilities, route, destination aerodrome, and other relevant information. Submission of these plans involves addressing multiple entities, including MATMC and en-route ATFM units.

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    Landing Permits in Tajikistan's International Operations

    Landing in Tajikistan requires operators to navigate specific regulations set by the Tajikistan Airports Authority. The issuance of Tajikistan Landing Permits involves adherence to regulations, including payment of charges such as Route Navigation Facility Charges for overflights and landing/parking charges for halts. The application process, typically submitted at least 7 working days before the applicable date, requires operators to provide detailed documentation. This includes an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), foreign operator questionnaire validated by the relevant aeronautical authorities, Certificate of Registration and Airworthiness, noise certificate, ACASII EGPWS equipment certification, valid liability insurance, and a letter of approval from the civil authority of the aircraft’s registration. The permit processing time depends on whether the operator has landed within the EU in the last two IATA seasons. The processing hours are limited to Monday-Friday, 0900-1700 local time. No after-hours processing is available.


    Tajikistan Civil Aviation Authority operates from 0300Z to 1200Z, Monday to Friday. Weekends are observed on Saturday and Sunday.

    To obtain a Tajikistan Overflight Permit, provide a complete flight schedule, entry and exit points, all passenger details (for passenger flights), and consignee/consignor details (for cargo flights). These details ensure a smooth application process.

    Officially, Tajikistan Civil Aviation Authority does not apply any processing fees for the issuance of overflight permits.

    Tajikistan Overflight Permits are valid for +72 hours from the initial requested schedule, offering flexibility for flight planning.

    Tajikistan CAA handles the issuance of air navigation bills directly to the company that submits the overflight permit requests.

    Tajikistan’s airspace is structured into one Flight Information Region (FIR) with the ICAO code “UTDD.” This region is centrally managed for efficient air traffic control.

    Tajikistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), with its postal address at 14 Ayni Street, 734042 Dushanbe, Tajikistan, is the sole authority responsible for issuing Tajikistan Overflight Permits. Operators should communicate directly with the CAA for necessary approvals.

    How to secure flight permits in Tajikistan ?

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