Seamless Approvals for Business Aircraft Overflight and Landings at Singapore Airports

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    Overflight Permits in Singapore’s International Operations

    Overflight permits are generally not required for flights passing through Singapore’s airspace. Singapore’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS) does not impose cabotage restrictions, making it a favorable location for international overflights. However, there is an exception for aircraft with non-standard airworthiness certificates. These aircraft must obtain a special permit called a “Permit-to-Fly” before they are allowed to overfly or land in Singapore. This includes experimental or newly designed aircraft that have only obtained restricted or special airworthiness certificates. The application form for the “Permit-to-Fly” can be found on the CAAS website, making it a relatively straightforward process.

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    Landing Permits in Singapore's International Operations

    Landing permits are mandatory for charter operations to Singapore, including both Changi (WSSS) and Seletar (WSSL) airports. Officially, it takes seven working days to process landing permit requests, but expedited processing is possible at an increased cost. First-time operators should allow additional time for document verification. Available permit types include single landings, multiple landings (at an additional cost), and block permits for extended operations. Charter operators must inform CAAS of any arrival or departure delays, with revisions possible during weekdays. Private non-revenue flights do not require landing permits.


    No, Singapore typically does not require overflight permits for flights through its airspace. However, some exceptions apply for aircraft with non-standard airworthiness certificates. Be sure to check if your aircraft falls under this exception.

    It is advisable to file your flight plan at least 2 hours before departure from your origin airport when planning operations to or from Singapore.

    Singapore’s airspace falls within a single Flight Information Region (FIR), simplifying flight planning and coordination within its airspace.

    Flight permits for operations in Singapore are handled by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

    To obtain a landing permit in Singapore, operators are generally required to submit a completed application form, provide detailed flight information, possess a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) or equivalent, present aircraft registration documents, an insurance certificate, pilot licenses, medical certificates, and other necessary documents as specified by CAAS. Additionally, applicable fees must be paid.

    The Singapore Civil Aviation Authority will directly issue the air navigation bill to the airline or operator, ensuring the appropriate charges for aviation services are settled.

    The working hours of the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS) are typically from 0100Z to 1000Z. It’s important to consider these hours when planning your flight operations to ensure timely coordination with CAAS.

    How to secure flight permits in Singapore?

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