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    Overflight Permits in Norway’s International Operations

    As of 1993, Norway, being a EUROCONTROL country, exempts non-scheduled flights from requiring overflight permits. Operators need to align with the established procedures, including filing a flight plan accordingly. While no specific validity hours, lead times, or permit numbers are stipulated, a standard lead time of 2 hours before departure is recommended for filing the flight plan. Norway, being part of EUROCONTROL, doesn’t impose processing fees for overflight permits. The oversight and management of the air navigation bill are facilitated by EUROCONTROL, adhering to regular EU working hours.

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    Landing Permits in Norway's International Operations

    Similar to overflight permits, Norway does not mandate landing permits for non-scheduled flights. There are no specified validity hours or lead times for landing permits. However, operators are advised to file flight plans at least 2 hours before departure. Norway’s civil aviation authority operates within regular EU working hours and observes weekends on Saturday and Sunday. While no specific permit numbers are issued, EUROCONTROL plays a role in overseeing air navigation bills for landing permits in Norway.


    No, an overflight permit is not required to fly over Norway.

    Norway’s airspace is divided into two flight information regions, identified by the ICAO codes “ENOB” and “ENOR.”

    The Norway Civil Aviation Authority, with a postal address at P.O. Box 243, N-8001 Bodo, Norway, manages the issuance of overflight permits.

    The Norway Civil Aviation Authority will directly issue the air navigation bill to the respective Airline/Operator through “EuroControl.”

    How to secure flight permits in Norway ?

    Optimize the efficiency of your Norway International Airport operations with expert flight permit assistance. Contact us at [email protected] for a hassle-free journey. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at Norway International Airports.


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