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    Overflight Permits in New Caledonia’s International Operations

    To conduct commercial operations in New Caledonia or the territory of Wallis and Futuna, Third Country Operators (TCOs) must adhere to specific procedures outlined in the Aeronautical Information Circular. TCOs meeting the stipulated conditions, including not holding an EASA safety authorization, must submit a technical questionnaire provided by the French Civil Aviation Authority. This questionnaire, along with required attachments, undergoes a comprehensive review by the Civil Aviation Authority in New Caledonia. The issuance of the associated flight permit is contingent upon a positive assessment of compliance with standards, regulations, and recommended practices. For overflight permits specifically, aircraft owners/operators must apply at least 48 working hours before the scheduled flight, ensuring accuracy in date, time, route, and registration details.

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    Landing Permits in New Caledonia's International Operations

    Aircraft owners/operators planning to land in New Caledonia must apply for landing permits, adhering to a minimum 72-hour lead time. Application submission can be conveniently done online through the Civil Aviation Authority of New Caledonia’s website. The landing permit is valid for the specified date, time, airport, and aircraft registration. Any modifications to the approved details must be communicated in advance to the CAANC. In addition to permit requirements, compliance with local airport regulations, encompassing customs, immigration, health, security, and environmental considerations, is essential. Fees or charges may be imposed by the CAANC based on the type and purpose of the flight, emphasizing the importance of thorough adherence to procedural requirements.


    The airspace of New Caledonia currently operates within one Flight Information Region (FIR) with the ICAO Code “NFFF.”

    The issuance of Overflight Permits for New Caledonia is facilitated by the New Caledonia Civil Aviation Authority (ACCA), with its postal address located in New Caledonia.

    The New Caledonia Civil Aviation Authority (ACCA) takes charge of issuing the air navigation bill directly to the respective Airline/Operator through the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

    The working hours of the New Caledonia Civil Aviation Authority are from 2130Z to 0500Z. Additionally, these working hours extend throughout the weekend, covering both Saturday and Sunday.

    The deadlines for submission vary based on the nature of the operations:

    • Scheduled Operations: At least 1 month before the first flight of the intended schedule. (Deadline)
    • Charter or Unscheduled Operations (of at least 6 flights): At the latest 10 working days before the first flight of the intended schedule. (Deadline)
    • Other Charter or Unscheduled Operations: At the latest 2 working days before the first flight of the intended schedule. (Deadline)

    Meeting these submission deadlines is crucial for the thorough review of the questionnaire by the Civil Aviation Authority in New Caledonia, ensuring compliance with applicable standards, regulations, and recommended practices, and subsequently facilitating the issuance of the associated flight permit.

    How to secure flight permits in New Caledonia ?

    Enhance the operational efficiency of your New Caledonia International Airport activities with expert flight permit facilitation. Connect with us at [email protected] for a seamless journey. Our dedicated team is poised to offer thorough flight permit assistance, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at New Caledonia International Airports.


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