Simplified Procedures for Business Flight Overflight and Landing Permits at Luxembourg International Airports

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    Overflight and Landing Permits in Luxembourg’s International Operations

    In Luxembourg, when considering overflight and landing permits for flights to Oceania and the Pacific region, it’s important to note that generally, overflight permits are not required. However, landing permits are typically necessary when flying to most countries in this expansive region. The validity and lead time for these permits are not explicitly specified, as they are generally not required. Additionally, there is no CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) processing fee associated with these permits.

    The Air Navigation bill in this region is managed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the CAA authority responsible for these permits is DIT Canberra. The CAA (Air Transport) operates on Saturday and Sunday as weekend days, with working hours from 2000 to 0400 (UTC). The ICAO area codes for this region are YB and YM, and the FIR/UIR codes are YBBB and YMMM. The 2-LTR country code for this region is AU, representing Australia, and it is an ICAO member state but not a EUROCONTROL member state.

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    How to secure flight permits in Luxembourg ?

    Streamline Your Luxembourg International Airport Operations with Expert Flight Permit Assistance. Reach out to us at [email protected] for a hassle-free journey. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at Luxembourg International Airports.


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