Expedite the Facilitation of Business Flight Operations with Overflight and Landing Permissions from the Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA) at Iceland International Airports

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    Overflight Permits in Iceland’s International Operations

    When planning overflights in Iceland, it’s crucial to note that permits are mandatory for all non-scheduled flights. These permits, valid for a single flight, require submission at least 24 hours prior to departure, with the permit number included in the flight plan. Alterations to the itinerary demand prior approval from the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA). Fees for overflight permits, based on aircraft weight and distance flown within Icelandic airspace, must be settled before or within 30 days post-flight. While local agents or third-party providers can facilitate permit acquisition, it’s prudent to engage them for comprehensive flight planning support.

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    Landing Permits in Iceland’s International Operations

    Landing permits are required for all non-scheduled flights, except for technical stops, medical flights, and flights For non-scheduled flights landing in Iceland, excluding technical and medical stops or those by EU/EEA registered aircraft, landing permits are obligatory. Similar to overflight permits, these are valid for one flight and necessitate submission at least 24 hours beforehand, with the permit number included in the flight plan. Any alterations to the itinerary require prior approval from the ICAA. Fees for landing permits, determined by aircraft weight and passenger count, must be settled within the designated time frame. Importantly, landing permits don’t exempt flights from adhering to various regulations, including customs, immigration, health, security, and noise. Assistance from local agents or third-party providers can streamline the permit acquisition process and offer additional flight planning support.


    According to the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA), the following documents are required for obtaining overflight and landing permits:

    • A completed application form, which can be downloaded from the ICAA website or obtained from a third-party provider.
    • A copy of the aircraft’s certificate of registration and airworthiness.
    • A copy of the aircraft’s noise certificate, if applicable.
    • A copy of the operator’s air operator certificate (AOC), if applicable.
    • A copy of the insurance certificate, showing the minimum liability coverage as specified by the ICAA.
    • A copy of the flight plan, showing the entry and exit points, route, and estimated time of arrival and departure.
    • A brief description of the purpose and nature of the flight, such as business, tourism, cargo, etc.
    • A list of passengers and crew, with their names, nationalities, and passport numbers.
    • A confirmation of payment of the permit fees, either by credit card or bank transfer.

    The documents must be submitted at least 24 hours before the intended flight, either by email, fax, or post, to the ICAA. The permit number will be issued upon approval and must be included in the flight plan. Any changes to the itinerary must be notified and approved by the ICAA in advance.

    Currently, Iceland’s airspace consists of one Flight Information Region (FIR).

    The ICAO code for Iceland FIR is “BIRD.” 

    Postal Address: Icelandic Transport Authority Civil Aviation Administration, Postbox 470, 202 Kopavogur, Iceland.

    The Iceland Civil Aviation Authority will issue the air navigation bill directly to the airline/operator through “EuroControl.”

    How to secure flight permits in Iceland ?

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