Foster Smooth Business Flight Operations with Overflight and Landing Permits at Honduras International Airports

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    Overflight Permits in Honduras’ International Operations

    When planning overflights in Honduras, operators should note that overflight permits are required only for flights below Flight Level (FL) 195. For overflights at or above FL 195, operators need to file a flight plan and notify “CENAMER,” the joint air traffic control service covering Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Communication of the intended flight levels to your 3rd-party provider is crucial for obtaining the necessary permits when transiting this airspace. Understanding these altitude-specific permit requirements ensures a smooth and compliant passage through Honduran airspace for private non-revenue and charter operations.

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    Landing Permits in Honduras' International Operations

    Private non-revenue and charter (non-scheduled commercial) operations to Guatemala require landing permits. However, exemptions apply to aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of less than 15,432 lbs. (7,000 kg) and registration numbers starting with “YS” (El Salvador), “HR” (Honduras), or “YN” (Nicaragua). These exempted aircraft do not need landing permits when operating to Guatemala. Operators should be aware of these specific landing permit requirements to facilitate hassle-free travel to and within Honduras, ensuring compliance with regulations and streamlining the permit application process for eligible flights.


    • Complete Flight Schedule
    • Entry/Exit & ATC Flight Plan
    • All Passenger Details
    • Consignee & Consignor Details (Only for Cargo Flights)

    List Of Required Aircraft Documents

    • Air Operating Certificate (Private Aircraft AOC Not Required)
    • Certificate of Airworthiness
    • Insurance Certificate
    • Noise Certificate
    • Registration Certificate

    According to Honduras Civil Aviation, officially there is “NO CAA Processing Fees” applied for the issuance of Honduras Overflight Permit.

    Honduras overflight permit is valid for +72 hours (from their initial requested schedule).

    Airspace of Honduras currently has one flight information region (FIR).

    Honduras FIR ICAO Code is “MHTG.”

    Honduras Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA). Postal Address: 500 Mts. al norte del Aeropuerto Internacional Toncontin, Apartado Postal 30145 Honduras.

    Honduras CAA will issue the air navigation bill directly to the local agent who submits the overflight permit request.

    Honduras Civil Aviation Authority working hours are from (1500Z) to (2300Z). Weekends in Honduras are observed on Saturday and Sunday.

    How to secure flight permits in Honduras ?

    Improve the efficiency of your operations at Honduras International Airports with expert flight permit assistance. Connect with us at [email protected] for a journey without complications. Our dedicated team is prepared to offer thorough flight permit support, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless experience at Honduras International Airports.


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