Introduce a Simplified Pathway for Business Flight Overflight and Landing Permits at French Polynesia International Airports

Unlock tailor-made flight permit solutions for French Polynesia International Airports with Just Aviation. We excel in securing aviation permits and crucial authorizations to facilitate your aircraft’s smooth journey, encompassing overflight and landing permits. Depend on our expertise for swift permit acquisition, even on short notice, optimizing your trip organization. Choose Just Aviation as your trusted collaborator for a stress-free visit to French Polynesia International Airports.

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    Overflight Permits in French Polynesia’s International Operations

    Any aircraft owner/operator intending to fly in French Polynesia airspace must apply for an overflight permit at least 48 working hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. The application can be done online via the Civil Aviation Authority of French Polynesia (SEAC) website. For seasonal or block overflights, the application should be submitted at least two weeks before the operation of the flight. The overflight permit is valid for the specified date, time, route, and aircraft registration number. Any changes to the approved details must be notified to the SEAC in advance.

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    Landing Permits in French Polynesia's International Operations

    Landing permits are crucial for both private non-revenue and charter operations to French Polynesia. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) mandates landing permits, with different lead times for private and charter permits. Private non-revenue permits require three business days, while charter permits necessitate five business days. The CAA processes permits during regular weekday office hours. Revision requirements for schedule changes and documentation are contingent on the Zulu day validity. Charter permits involve more extensive documentation, including an Air Operator’s Certificate, Aircraft Radio Station License, and others. Compliance checks upon arrival, crew age restrictions, crew swap considerations, and agricultural restrictions also demand attention for smooth operations in French Polynesia.

    How to secure flight permits in French Polynesia ?

    Optimize the efficiency of your French Polynesia International Airport operations with expert flight permit assistance. Connect with us at [email protected] for a journey free from complications. Our committed team is ready to provide comprehensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at French Polynesia International Airports.


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