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    Overflight Permits in France’s International Operations

    Aircraft with an ICAO-level Certificate of Airworthiness or an EASA permit to fly can overfly France without prior validation, unless the permit explicitly limits the authorized area. The DGAC LP6 form is used for temporary validation of foreign airworthiness, and a fee is applicable. The validation may include restrictions based on aircraft type, with extended durations requiring compliance to technical conditions equivalent to those for French aircraft. Pilots should be aware of Prior Permission Required (PPR) for certain airports in France, obtained promptly with complete operator and aircraft details. Understanding nuances in flight planning, such as slot requirements, is essential for smooth overflights.

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    Landing Permits in France's International Operations

    Charter flights and experimental aircraft operations in France require landing permits. Non-EU charter operators need permits, and the official lead time is two business days. Additional days may be required for non-objection for 5th and 7th freedom of the air exemption. All operators must be TCO-approved. Required documents include registration certificate, insurance, and special airworthiness with limitations. French landing permits have a +/- 72-hour validity, and changes require re-confirmation. While there are no government fees, ground handlers may charge a small fixed fee. Cabotage regulations are closely monitored, and understanding flight planning essentials, equipment requirements, and communication protocols is crucial for seamless operations in France.


    In general, overflight permissions are not required in France. However, certain countries may necessitate overflight permits, especially for aircraft without a certificate of airworthiness.

    Airports in France operate under a slot coordination system, efficiently allocating arrival and departure slots to manage air traffic.

    For flights passing through France, the Flight Plan should be filed at least 2 hours prior to departure from the origin.

    Operators typically need to submit a completed application form, detailed flight information, a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) or equivalent, aircraft registration documents, insurance certificate, pilot licenses, medical certificates, and other necessary documents. Applicable fees must also be paid.

    The airspace of France is currently divided into five Flight Information Regions (FIR).

    The France Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA) is responsible for granting flight permits and enforcing regulations.

    The France CAA will directly issue the air navigation bill to the airline or operator through “EuroControl.”

    The working hours of the France Civil Aviation Authority are from 0100Z to 1000Z.

    How to secure flight permits in France ?

    Enhance the operational fluidity of your France International Airport activities with expert flight permit assistance. Contact us at [email protected] for a hassle-free journey. Our dedicated team is prepared to offer thorough flight permit support, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless experience at France International Airports.


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