Ensure Seamless Approvals for Business Aviation Overflight and Landings at El Salvador International Airports

Navigate through the streamlined realm of flight permit solutions designed for El Salvador International Airports via Just Aviation. We specialize in securing aviation permits and crucial authorizations, guaranteeing a trouble-free journey for your aircraft, covering overflight and landing permits. Place reliance on our proficiency for rapid permit procurement, even when time is limited, streamlining your trip planning. Opt for Just Aviation as your dependable ally for a seamless visit to El Salvador International Airports.

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    Overflight Permits in El Salvador’s International Operations

    El Salvador, as a EUROCONTROL country, has a streamlined process for non-scheduled flights, eliminating the need for Overflight Permits since 2004. Flight plans, however, should be filed appropriately. While some EU airports may require Prior Permission Required (PPR) and Airport Slots, El Salvador follows a more straightforward approach. Overflight Permits are not required, ensuring efficient and hassle-free transit through the country’s airspace. Operators can enjoy flexibility without specific validity periods or lead times, making El Salvador a favorable destination for non-scheduled flights.

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    Landing Permits in El Salvador's International Operations

    Landing Permits in El Salvador are designed for simplicity and efficiency. A Landing Permit is valid for the day of operation, allowing operators flexibility on their chosen date. Unlike Overflight Permits, which are not required, Landing Permits necessitate a lead time of at least 3 working days before the intended departure. This requirement ensures a smooth process and coordination with the authorities. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Tirana handles the issuance of Landing Permits, emphasizing a straightforward approach. With no associated processing fees, El Salvador remains an accessible and attractive destination for aviation operations.


    To obtain an El Salvador Overflight Permit, you need a comprehensive set of details, including a complete flight schedule, all passenger details or passenger manifest (for passenger flights), crew Gendec, pilot license copy, pilot’s medical certificate, entry/exit and ATS routing information, and consignee and consignor details (for cargo flights). Additionally, the required aircraft documents include the Air Operating Certificate, Certificate of Airworthiness, Insurance Certificate, Noise Certificate, and Registration Certificate.

    The El Salvador Overflight Permit is valid for +72 hours from the initially requested schedule, providing operators with flexibility during their flights through El Salvador airspace.

    El Salvador currently operates within one Flight Information Region (FIR) with the ICAO code “MSLP.”

    El Salvador Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for issuing Overflight Permits. The postal address for the authority is Carretera Panamericana Km 9 1/2, Fte. Aeropuerto Internacional de Ilopango, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

    The El Salvador Civil Aviation Authority directly issues the air navigation bill to the respective airline or operator.

    The working hours of El Salvador Civil Aviation Authority are from 1400Z to 2200Z. The authority operates during weekdays, including Saturday and Sunday.

    How to secure flight permits in El Salvador ?

    Optimize the efficiency of your El Salvador International Airport activities with expert flight permit assistance. Connect with us at [email protected] for a journey free from complications. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at El Salvador International Airports.


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