Ensure Efficient Business Aviation Permissions for Overflight and Landings at Costa Rica International Airports

Embark on a voyage with hassle-free flight permit solutions for Costa Rica International Airports through Just Aviation. Our proficiency lies in securing aviation permits and necessary authorizations to ensure your aircraft’s smooth journey, encompassing overflight and landing permits. Count on our expertise for quick permit acquisition, even on short notice, streamlining your trip organization. Make Just Aviation your trusted collaborator for a stress-free visit to Costa Rica International Airports.

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    Overflight Permits in Costa Rica’s International Operations

    For general aviation (GA), overflight permits are typically not required unless the aircraft operates on an experimental certificate. In such cases, operators are advised to utilize diplomatic channels for a faster approval process. Costa Rica generally does not impose overflight permit requirements for GA operations. It’s crucial to note that private non-revenue and charter flights do not need landing permits for Costa Rica. However, certain considerations arise concerning airport options and obtaining Prior Permission Required (PPR) for parking at both Airports of Entry (AOEs) and domestic airfields. Operators must secure parking permission in advance through the relevant airport authority, with each AOE having its own management, including a private company for MROC and government oversight for Liberia (MRLB), San Jose Tobias Bolanos (MRPV), and Limon (MRLM).

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    Landing Permits in Costa Rica's International Operations

    While landing permits are generally not required for private non-revenue and charter operations in Costa Rica, attention must be given to airport-specific regulations. Prior Permission Required (PPR) for parking is mandatory at all airports, both Airports of Entry (AOEs) and domestic airfields. Unlike landing permits, parking approvals are managed directly by the respective airport authorities. Private company management oversees MROC, while government authorities govern Liberia (MRLB), San Jose Tobias Bolanos (MRPV), and Limon (MRLM). Therefore, it is essential for operators to obtain PPR through the relevant airport authority to ensure seamless parking arrangements for their flights.


    Overflying Costa Rica doesn’t require a specific permit, but a filed flight plan 2 hours before departure is necessary.

    No, the Costa Rica Civil Aviation Authority does not apply any official processing fees for overflight permits.

    Costa Rica operates with one Flight Information Region (FIR), identified by the ICAO code “MROC.”

    The Costa Rica Civil Aviation Authority directly issues the air navigation bill to the local agent who submitted the overflight permit request.

    The Costa Rica Civil Aviation Authority operates from 1400Z to 2245Z, including Sundays.

    How to secure flight permits in Costa Rica ?

    Improve the efficiency of your Costa Rica International Airport operations with expert flight permit assistance. Connect with us at [email protected] for a journey without hassles. Our dedicated team is here to deliver extensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at Costa Rica International Airports.


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