Comprehensive Flight Permit Services in the China International Airport

Unlock unparalleled flight permit solutions for China International Airports through Just Aviation. We specialize in securing flight permits, aviation permits, and all necessary authorization to enable your aircraft’s seamless journey, including overflight and landing permits. Our expertise ensures quick acquisition of permits, even on short notice, simplifying your trip planning process. Choose Just Aviation as your trusted partner for a hassle-free experience at China International Airports.

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    Overflight Permits in China’s International Operations

    When arranging your overflight permit for China, it’s essential to ensure that your local business contact in China prepares a sponsor letter in the specified format, and this process typically takes about one week. Strict compliance with the documentation requirements and sponsor letter format is imperative for a smooth permit application process. It’s important to remember that Overflight Permits for China have limited validity and are only valid for the originally approved schedule. Keep in mind that you are allowed a maximum of two permit revisions. Additionally, larger aircraft with 30 seats or more, there may be specific fees associated with the permit application process.

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    Landing Permits in China’s International Operations

    Securing a Landing Permit for China necessitates careful planning. The lead time is typically three business days, except for diplomatic and emergency medical flights. Ensure all necessary documentation, including crew and passenger details, is submitted along with the initial permit request. A sponsor letter from a local business contact is mandatory, with the format being critical. Landing permit revisions are limited to two and require a two-day lead time. Operators should note that permits for military or domestic-only airports have specific requirements, including sponsor letters from a local government entity and a business contact. China enforces a compensation fee for foreign-registered aircraft, except for mainland China-registered ones.

    How to secure flight permits in China ?

    Streamline Your China International Airport Operations with Expert Flight Permit Assistance. Reach out to us at [email protected] for a hassle-free journey. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at China International Airports


    To obtain flight permits for operations to China, you will generally need to submit:

    • Complete Flight Schedule
    • All Passenger Details
    • Crew Nationality
    • Entry/Exit Points & ATS Routing
    • Flight Level in Meters
    • MTOW/MLDW (Maximum Takeoff Weight/Maximum Landing Weight)
    • A/C Seat Number

    Additionally, specific aircraft documents are required, including:

      • Air Operating Certificate (Private Aircraft AOC Not Required)
      • Certificate of Airworthiness
      • Insurance Certificate
      • Noise Certificate
      • Registration Certificate

    Yes, prior permission is mandatory for all types of flights and landing operations in China.

    A China Overflight Permit is required for aircraft owners/operators intending to fly in China airspace.

    The permit application should be submitted to the air transport department at least 48 working hours prior to the flight departure schedule.

    Yes, commercial operators must obtain an approval known as CCAR129 to operate in China. However, operators are allowed to conduct operations in China up to 10 times per IATA season during the CCAR-129 application process.

    To obtain CCAR-129, operators must sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) directly with the airport as specified in the Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA). 

    Yes, China operates as a slot-coordinated country, and operators must secure slots prior to the operation date, in addition to the landing permit.

    The official China Overflight Permit number is CAD/V2822.

    The working hours of the China Civil Aviation Authority are from 0100Z to 0900Z.


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