Explore the Procedures for Obtaining Overflight & Landing Permits for Business Aviation Operations in Bolivia

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    Overflight Permits in Bolivia’s International Operations

    Navigating Bolivian airspace necessitates careful attention to landing and overflight permit requirements. Both private non-revenue and charter flights must secure permits from Bolivia’s Direccion General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC), processed during regular hours, Monday to Friday, 0830-1630 local time. A copy of the aircraft flight manual, specifying maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), is mandatory for overflight permit requests, submitted on official company letterhead. Permit lead times have become more stringent, requiring a minimum of four business days for processing. DGAC is notably strict on adherence to lead times, with an increased denial rate for requests in recent months. It’s crucial to provide comprehensive flight, aircraft, and passenger details to avoid delays or rejections. Bolivian overflight permits remain valid for approximately 72 hours, necessitating prompt communication of any schedule, aircraft, or crew revisions to DGAC.

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    Landing Permits in Bolivia's International Operations

    Bolivia imposes stringent requirements on landing and overflight permits, urging business aircraft operators to collaborate with 3rd-party providers for updated information. Both private non-revenue and charter flights must obtain permits from Bolivia’s Direccion General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) during standard operating hours. Bolivian landing and overflight permits necessitate a lead time of at least four business days for processing. Careful attention to detail is crucial, as incomplete information or missing specifics, such as maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) in initial requests, can result in delays or permit rejections. DGAC’s increased scrutiny on lead times emphasizes the importance of adhering to the stipulated notice period. Bolivian landing permits are valid for approximately 72 hours, and any schedule, aircraft, or crew revisions must be promptly communicated to DGAC for approval.


    When applying for a landing permit in Bolivia, ensure you submit the following documentation:

    • Aircraft airworthiness certificate
    • Aircraft registration certificate
    • Pilot licenses and medical certificates (issued by the same country as the aircraft registry)
    • Worldwide insurance (original policy) containing essential details:
    • Name and address of insured
    • Owner’s full address or insured’s name (if multiple companies)
    • Validity dates
    • Indication of private non-revenue or charter
    • Limits of company’s liability
    • Aircraft description and use
    • Medical expenses coverage for the crew
    • Valid geographical areas
    • Liability and physical damage coverage details
    • Exclusions, including coverage for war, hijacking, and other perils
    • Number of seats on the aircraft
    • Copy of high-altitude performance chart (for La Paz [SLLP] travel)
    • Copy of the aircraft operating manual, specifying Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW)

    Additionally, provide the purpose of the flight, offering a generic business purpose for routine operations or additional details for short-notice or VVIP flights. Include comprehensive passenger details with full names, dates of birth, nationalities, genders, passport numbers, and expiry dates.

    Bolivia overflight permits remain valid for +72 hours from the initially requested schedule.

    Bolivia’s airspace comprises a single Flight Information Region (FIR) with the ICAO code “SLLF.”

    The issuance of Bolivia overflight permits is managed by the Bolivia Civil Aviation Authority. You can contact them at DG Civil Aeronautics Palacio de Comunicaciones, 4to Piso Ave. Mariscal Santa Cruz La Paz, Bolivia.

    The air navigation bill for Bolivia overflights is directly issued to the Airline/Operator by the Bolivia Civil Aviation Authority.

    How to secure flight permits in Bolivia ?

    Enhance the operational fluidity of your Bolivia International Airport activities with expert flight permit assistance. Reach out to us at [email protected] for a journey without hassles. Our dedicated team is here to deliver extensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at Bolivia International Airports.


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