Seamless Approvals for Business Aircraft Overflight and Landings at Bermudian Airports

Set off on your journey with our expertise in securing aviation permits and crucial clearances for Bermudian airports. We specialize in ensuring a trouble-free experience for your aircraft, encompassing overflight and landing permits. Rely on our proficiency for rapid permit acquisition, even with short notice, simplifying your trip coordination. Choose Just Aviation as your dependable partner for a stress-free visit to Bermudian airports.

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    Overflight Permits in Bermuda’s International Operations

    When it comes to overflight permits for business aviation operations in Bermuda, operators enjoy a significant advantage—none are required. Bermuda distinguishes itself by not imposing overflight permit obligations for charter or private non-revenue flights traversing its airspace. This lack of overflight permit requirements simplifies flight planning, reduces administrative burdens, and lowers operational costs. Operators can seamlessly plan routes through Bermudan airspace without the need to submit additional permit applications, enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their business aviation operations in the region.

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    Landing Permits in Bermuda's International Operations

    Navigating Bermuda’s landing permit requirements for business aviation operations demands careful attention to procedures and timelines. To facilitate successful operations, it’s crucial to understand the stipulations and submit requests in advance. Bermuda’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) mandates charter (non-scheduled commercial) permits for all charter flights to the island, irrespective of aircraft size. This includes compliance with Article 135 of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, with the exception of UK and UK territory-registered aircraft. Private non-revenue flights, however, are exempt from these landing permit requirements.

    Operators should plan ahead, as Bermuda’s Department of Civil Aviation processes landing permits during regular office hours (Monday-Friday, 0900-1700 local time), with a standard lead time of seven days. While short-notice requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, advance planning is advisable. When applying for landing permits, operators must provide a comprehensive set of documents, including airworthiness and registration certificates, air operator certificates, full schedules, aircraft tail numbers, operator details, and complete crew/passenger information.

    Moreover, compliance with Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) 91 and Article 105 of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013 or the Order currently in effect is essential. The submission should also include a statement confirming the absence of dangerous goods, weapons, or munitions of war. Operators should work with third-party providers to ensure all required documentation is submitted concurrently with the permit request, as landing permits will not be processed until all documents are received. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience when operating to Bermuda.


    No, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) does not require an overfly permit for flights passing through Bermuda territory. There is no specific overflight permit number assigned.

    No, there are no processing fees charged by the CAA for the issuance of a Bermuda Overflight Permit.

    The airspace of Bermuda currently consists of one flight information region (FIR), providing a unified and straightforward airspace structure for aviation operations within the region.

    The Bermuda CAA will directly issue an air navigation bill to the airline or operator, simplifying the billing process for overflight charges.

    The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority operates during the hours of 1300Z to 2100Z, so it’s important to plan your communications and permit requests within this time frame when dealing with Bermuda aviation authorities.

    How to secure flight permits in Bermuda?

    Streamline Your Bermuda Airport Operations with Expert Flight Permit Assistance. Reach out to us at [email protected] for a hassle-free journey. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive flight permit support, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience at Bermudian airports.


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