Optimize Processes for Securing Business Flight Overflight and Landing Authorizations at Australia International Airports

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    Overflight Permits in Australia’s International Operations

    Australia stands out with unique charter (non-scheduled commercial) permit requirements. Overflight permits are not necessary for charter or private non-revenue flights. However, charter flights must obtain a formal Charter Permission from the Australia Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). This process involves a lead time of six to eight weeks, requiring documentation such as the Air Operator Certificate (AOC), worldwide insurance, and the Australian Transport Security Plan (TSP). While the official lead time is five working days, CASA may approve permits within this timeframe at their discretion. The permit fee is 480 Australian dollars for low-capacity aircraft and 570 Australian dollars for high-capacity aircraft. Operators can utilize third-party providers for application assistance, and once issued, amendments to the charter permit are manageable.

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    Landing Permits in Australia's International Operations

    Private non-revenue operators generally do not require landing permits for Australia, except in specific cases. Operators of hush-kitted stage 3 aircraft landing at specific airports need a Department of Transport & Environment (DTE) permit, costing 480 Australian dollars with a lead time of five working days. For frequent private non-revenue operators with high passenger loads, a landing permit may be required by the DTE with a 10 working days lead time and no associated fees. Charter flights, categorized as non-scheduled commercial, must obtain an “aircraft entry” by completing Form 094. While not a traditional landing permit, this entry allows the Australian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to review the flight information and assess any potential cabotage issues. PPRs (Prior Permission Required) may be needed on a case-by-case basis for parking purposes, with assistance from ground handlers. Brisbane airport prioritizes commercial flights, potentially causing delays for private non-revenue operations.


    Australia’s airspace currently has one Flight Information Region (FIR) with ICAO Codes “YBBB” and “YMMM.”

    Australia Civil Aviation Authority (ACCA) is responsible for issuing Overflight Permits.

    Postal Address: Civil Aviation Safety Authority – CAS, PO Box 2005, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia.

    The Australia Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will issue the air navigation bill directly to the Airline/Operator through “IATA.”

    The working hours of the Australia Civil Aviation Authority are from 2000Z to 0400Z, Monday to Friday. The weekend falls on Saturday and Sunday.

    How to secure flight permits in Australia ?

    Enhance the efficiency of your operations at Australia International Airports with expert flight permit assistance. Contact us at [email protected] for a journey free from complications. Our dedicated team is poised to deliver comprehensive flight permit support, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless experience at Australia International Airports.


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