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    Business Flight Services & Management in Hong Kong Airports

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    Elevate your Hong Kong business aviation with Just Aviation. As a premier provider in the industry, we excel in optimizing your journeys through Hong Kong’s international airports for business aviation. Our expert team ensures seamless ground handling, from aircraft towing to passenger assistance, at Hong Kong international airports for business aviation.

    Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH)

    This is the main airport of Hong Kong business aviation, located on the island of Chek Lap Kok. It has three runways, 07R/25L, 07C/25C, and 07L/25R, each measuring 3,800 meters long and 60 meters wide. It has two passenger terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, connected by an automated people mover system.

    Terminal 1 is the third largest airport passenger terminal building in the world, with a floor area of 570,000 square meters. Terminal 2 is mainly used for check-in, baggage handling, and transportation services, and does not have any boarding gates. For business aviation operations, there is a Business Aviation Centre (BAC) located at the eastern end of Terminal 2, which provides dedicated facilities and business aviation services for private jet passengers and crew.

    Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (IATA: SZX, ICAO: ZGSZ)

    This is the main airport of Shenzhen, a city in mainland China that borders Hong Kong. It is located about 32 kilometers from the Hong Kong–Shenzhen border. It has one runway, 15/33, measuring 3,400 meters long and 45 meters wide. It has three passenger terminals, Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C, with a total floor area of 450,000 square meters.

    Terminal A and Terminal B are mainly used for domestic flights, while Terminal C is mainly used for international flights and regional flights to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. For business aviation operations, there is a Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) located at the west side of Terminal A, which provides business aviation services such as ground handling, fueling, customs clearance, and VIP lounge access for private jet passengers and crew.

    Macau International Airport (IATA: MFM; ICAO: VMMC)

    This is the main airport of Macau, a special administrative region of China that is about 60 kilometers from Hong Kong. It is located on the eastern end of Taipa Island. It has one runway, 16/34, measuring 3,360 meters long and 45 meters wide. It has one passenger terminal, with a floor area of 51,000 square meters.

    The terminal is divided into north and south sections, with the north section mainly used for international flights and the south section mainly used for domestic flights and regional flights to Hong Kong and Taiwan. For business aviation operations, there is a General Aviation Centre (GAC) located at the south end of the terminal, which provides business aviation services such as ground handling, fueling, customs clearance, and VIP lounge access for private jet passengers and crew.

    Flight Operations & Permits in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong’s airspace operates without requiring an overflight permit, but a flight plan submission 30 minutes prior to entering the Hong Kong FIR remains mandatory. Landing permits inclusive of slot and parking approvals are essential for operations at Hong Kong International Airport, ensuring organized aircraft arrivals and parking arrangements. These permits need to be requested at least 7 working days in advance.

    Financial Considerations & Charges

    While there aren’t specific Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) processing fees for the Hong Kong Overflight Permit, charges apply for air navigation services and airport facilities, encompassing landing, parking, and passenger services. Payments for these business aviation services are invoiced directly by the Hong Kong CAA to the Airline/Operator, with various payment methods available.

    Hong Kong’s Airspace & Civil Aviation Department

    Hong Kong’s airspace comprises a singular Flight Information Region (FIR), covering approximately 26,000 square kilometers up to flight level 460. The Civil Aviation Department oversees flight permits, regulation of civil aviation activities, air traffic control, aeronautical information, and meteorological services.

    Understanding Prior Permission Required (PPR) Procedures

    Navigating the requirements for landing permits, processing through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and securing Prior Permission Required (PPR) for VHHH demands attention to detail and adherence to specific guidelines.


    Keep in mind, PPRs rarely exceed 48 hours due to VHHH’s congestion. Extensions post-arrival are seldom approved unless you’ve managed hangar space. Hangarage for transient GA aircraft here is scarce and pricey. Short stops and drop-offs still need PPRs, but stops under six hours usually face no issues.


    Requesting PPRs involves an online procedure via the airport authority website. Only registered users with logins and passwords can access this business aviation service, which incurs annual fees. Ground handlers often handle PPR requests, providing details like tail number, aircraft type, and schedule. But remember, vague schedules won’t cut it. You can request PPRs anytime, up to 30 days in advance. Early submissions before 6 pm typically yield same-day responses, while requests after 6 pm get replies by noon the next day.

    Ground Handling at VHHH: A Guide for GA Flights

    Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) is a busy hub for both commercial and general aviation (GA) flights. To ensure smooth operations, GA operators need to follow a uniform process for ground handling in Hong Kong, slot coordination, parking, documentation, and CIQ clearance. Here are some key points to consider when planning a flight to or from VHHH.

    Handling Requests

    Provide your full schedule, operator details, crew and passenger information, and any special service needs to your ground handler at least six hours before your flight. For larger aircraft, specify your equipment requirements, as the GAT (General Aviation Terminal) ramp can only accommodate Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ-sized planes.

    Documentation Needs

    Prepare arrival and departure cards for passengers and crew. A general declaration is not required on arrival, but it is necessary on departure. Check the visa requirements for your passengers and crew before your flight, as some nationalities might need prior arrangements.

    Slot & Parking

    You can request parking confirmation up to 14 days before your flight, and slot confirmation up to seven days before. However, GA slots are limited and sometimes unavailable for a whole day, so coordinate with your third-party provider early. Parking at VHHH is also restricted, usually allowing no more than two consecutive days. The GAT has its own parking ramp for GA flights, but hangar space is very expensive. If you need to change your schedule, inform your ground handler as soon as possible, as your original parking approval might be affected.

    Costs & Payments

    Ground handling fees are based on your MTOW, while ramp and parking charges are based on your wingspan and billed every six hours. Landing fees, airport taxes, and other related expenses are consolidated into a single bill, excluding navigation fees. You can pay by cash, credit card, or credit arrangements through your ground handler or GAT. Make sure you have a fuel release in advance, as fuel cards are not accepted at the GAT.

    Quick turnarounds & fuel stops

    VHHH allows drop-and-go flights, but discourages technical fuel stops due to limited slot availability and high fuel prices. Consider alternative airports like Macau (VMMC) or Taipei (RCTP) for such operations. Also, Jet A-1 aviation fuel is available at International airports in Hong Kong.


    Experience the pinnacle of business aviation flight operation in Hong Kong with Just Aviation. Our specialized services at Hong Kong international airports for business aviation guarantee a streamlined journey. Benefit from seamless ground handling in Hong Kong, fuel availability, and meticulous planning. Entrust us with crew accommodation support for a comprehensive experience.


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